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Protocol and Etiquette

  • Take time to study me. Join me on my OnlyFans or SextPanther for exclusive content and chat, follow my social media accounts (Instagram & Twitter), and thoroughly read my website. Attention to detail with follow-through is a sure way to Impress Me.

  • I only accept submissives who apply through my Session Inquiry form. I look for well-articulated, specific, and concise answers that allow me to get to know you.

  • Session requests should be made at least one, preferably 2 weeks+ in advance, as my schedule is generally booked and to budget time for a pre-session call. I will not entertain requests with 24-hour or less notice.

  • If your application pleases me, I will schedule a 30-minute phone or video call to begin the process of forming a connection, assessing our compatibility, and planning a session.

  • Sessions will be at a space of my choosing. Outcalls will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  • Show up to sessions on time, clean shaven in nether regions, clean body, teeth brushed, without perfume/cologne, and with tribute as instructed. If inside cleansing is necessary here are instructions.

  • I prefer 2-hour bookings at a minimum. Rarely does a single hour provide enough time to explore at the depth I find most rewarding. 

  • Deposits are required.

  • I will favorably notice any supplemental tribute to cover dungeon rental or hotel costs.

  • Your first assignment is to read, “These 6 Traits Reveal Why We Love Great Communicators So Much” & “How to Behave In The Presence of A ProDomme” written by Simone Justice.

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