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Tiki Oasis is the original and largest Tiki event in the world held annually in San Diego, CA. Phoenix attended her first Tiki Oasis in 2017 after moving to San Diego. As soon as she walked on the hotel grounds, she instantly fell in love with the people, the fashion, and the fun atmosphere. Every person she saw was having a great time and was warmly greeted by strangers. She knew she found her "home."

In 2019, Phoenix entered her name to complete for Miss Tiki Oasis, a pin-up pageant representing Tiki Oasis, and won the crown. She is so proud to be part be of the Tiki Oasis Queendom and Tiki Oasis family. Phoenix is grateful for the Miss Tiki Oasis prize sponsors, brands, and bartenders who have supported her during her reign.

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